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Cocatea buy

Natural Inca’s sacred powder is a cultural tradition of indigenous people in Andean countries for centuries providing an energy boost and improves the immune system. The Inca’s flour is made of selected and finely ground coca leaves that retain 100% of the magnificent properties of the plant beneficial to health.  

Delisse - Peruvian Infusion of Coca Leaf Tea (Mate de Coca) - Box of 100 Tea Bags : Peruvian Infusion made with  Coca leaves finely pulverized and packed in filter paper sealable preserving all its nutritional properties, as filtering is a natural product that preserves all the properties constituted by 100% Sheet Coca ground. 

The Leaf of Coca has not exciting or intoxicating action. Therefore it is recommended for everyday use as a preventive and curative product. It can be taken in the morning, afternoon or before bedtime.

It contains minerals like calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, vitamins and energy elements. 

Coca leaves Erytholylon Contains 100%. 

How to use 
Oral: Placing a filter in a cup, add boiling water, wait a few minutes until desired flavor and color. 

 Keep the container tightly closed. Store in cool, dry place. Protect from light.


  • Natural energizer
  • Immune system booster
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Healthy digestion
  • Regulates Blood Glucose
  • Prevent altitude sickness
  • Helps improve tiredness and stress
  • A reduction of appetite
  • Prevent la osteoporosis (more of 2000 mg of calcium for each 100g)
  • Nutritional supplement: A, B1, B2, B3, C y E, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and proteins.

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