Mesa mestana

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Mesa mestana

*material: 100% fabric , acryl wool
*56 cm x 46 cm (22.04 in x 18.11 in)

A shamanic mesa cloth is a significant item in certain shamanic traditions, particularly those of the Andean region in South America, such as Peruvian shamanism. In these traditions, a mesa is a portable altar or ceremonial bundle that contains sacred objects, stones, and other items imbued with spiritual significance.

The term "mesa" itself can mean "table" or "altar" in Spanish, but in the context of shamanism, it refers to a collection of sacred items used by a shaman in healing, ritual, and ceremonial work. A shamanic mesa cloth, therefore, is a cloth or textile used to wrap or cover the mesa bundle, providing protection and containment for the sacred objects within.

The design and material of a shamanic mesa cloth can vary depending on the tradition and the preferences of the individual shaman. It may be adorned with symbols, colors, and patterns that hold specific meanings within the cultural and spiritual context of the tradition. Additionally, the cloth itself may be considered sacred and treated with reverence.

In shamanic practice, the mesa cloth serves as a container for the energetic and spiritual forces associated with the items within the mesa bundle. It helps to create a sacred space for ritual and ceremony, as well as providing a tangible connection to the shaman's spiritual lineage and ancestors.

Overall, a shamanic mesa cloth is an essential component of shamanic practice in certain traditions, serving both practical and symbolic functions within the context of ritual and ceremony.

Since "mestana" doesn't have a widely recognized meaning in English, it's challenging to provide specific instructions on how to use it in a spiritual ritual. However, I can offer some general guidance on incorporating symbolic items into spiritual practices:

1.-Research and Understanding: If "mestana" is a term specific to a particular culture or tradition, it's essential to research its meaning and significance within that context. Understanding the cultural and spiritual significance of the item is crucial before using it in a ritual.
2.-Intent and Purpose: Determine the purpose of incorporating the mestana into your ritual. What significance does it hold? What do you hope to achieve or symbolize by using it?
3.-Cleansing and Preparation: Before using the mestana in a ritual, consider cleansing it physically and energetically. This can involve washing it with water, smoke cleansing with herbs such as sage or palo santo, or placing it in sunlight or moonlight to recharge.
4.-Placement and Representation: Decide how you will incorporate the mestana into your ritual. Will it be placed on an altar as a focal point? Will it be worn or held during the ritual? Ensure that its placement and use align with the intention of your practice.
5.-Invocation and Connection: During the ritual, invoke the spiritual significance of the mestana. You may offer prayers, chants, or intentions to connect with its symbolic meaning and the energies it represents.

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