Mestana 58cm x 52 cm

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Product code SM105

Mestana 58 cm x 52 cm (22.52 in x 20.56 in)

*material: 100% fabric , acryl wool

A shamanic mesa, often simply referred to as a "mesa," is a tool used in shamanic practices originating from indigenous traditions of South America, particularly from the Andean regions such as Peru and Bolivia. The term "mesa" means "table" or "altar" in Spanish, but in the context of shamanism, it refers to a portable bundle or collection of sacred objects, which may include stones, crystals, feathers, herbs, seeds, bones, and other items of significance.

The mesa serves as a physical and spiritual container for the shaman's power, knowledge, and connection to the spiritual realms. It is believed to represent the shaman's personal cosmology and relationship with the natural world, ancestors, spirits, and deities. Each item in the mesa carries its own symbolism and energetic qualities, often acquired through rituals, ceremonies, and initiations.

Shamans use the mesa in various ways, including healing, divination, ceremony, and spiritual journeying. By working with the items in the mesa, the shaman can access different energies, states of consciousness, and dimensions, facilitating transformation, healing, and guidance for themselves and others.

The practice of creating and working with a shamanic mesa is deeply personal and often involves extensive training, initiation, and dedication to the shamanic path. It is considered a sacred and profound aspect of indigenous shamanic traditions in the Andean regions and has also been adapted and incorporated into contemporary shamanic practices worldwide.

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