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Peruvian alpaca sweater mens

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Product code ASM-15

Peruvian alpaca sweater mens

Alpaca Sweater for men - Fashion Alpaca cardigan | Peruvian Alpaca jacket with Andean Design

White alpaca sweater will keep you warm for all season, Super soft and super warm!

The Alpaca sweater is the perfect addition to your Fall wardrobe. It has the perfect weight and length to be worn as a Fall coat, 2 pockets detail at front with beautiful Andean and Alpacas motifs.

Made with first quality alpaca wool which is hypoallergenic and very soft wool. It is light and comfortable while keeping you warm. 
Excellent product designed and manufactured by artisans with love and tradition. 
Its natural fiber will make you feel: cozy and comfortable.

  1. Color: Red with llama pattern in blue-white
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  5. Canada/ US 4-5 days
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Alpaca Sweaters are genuine and ethically sourced from local makers in Cusco, Peru.
All Alpaca Sweaters are made from organic materials, namely Alpaca Wool.
Wonderful soft and warm 70% acryl and 30% wool sweater with a rich Andean pattern.Very warm and cozy in the winter, but also light enough to wear during cool evenings in the summertime. 

Wonderful soft and warm alpaca wool sweater with a a rich Andean llama pattern in white blue .
This gorgeous sweater will keep you warm and toasty during chilly evenings.

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