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Peruvian Shaman hat

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Peruvian Shaman hat

Peru Winter Hat Colorful Pom Poms Tassels Earflaps with ancient sacred designs and patterns.

This hat originally made for shamans of Peru. Super colorful and exuberant. This is a very tight knit hat made by artisans of Q'ero

Peruvian chullo hat, hand-weaved and decorated  with beads in the Andean Community of Q'eros Andean shamans o Q'eros paq'os use this Chullo hat durant the ceremonies; Pago a la Paccha mama, despachos and others.

  • Sizes are approx MEDIUM to LARGE with approx head diameter 60cm with stretch.
  • These ones are made from stretchy wool blend and bigger, so have more stretch
  • Head diameter is approx 60cm.

PERUVIAN DESPACHO - HAYWARISQ'A.- Is the Quechua word for offering. A despacho is an act of love and a reminder of the connections we share with all beings, elements, spirits, and sacred places. It is an opportunity to enter into the essential unity of all things.  A despacho is created during a celebratory ceremony, in the cosmology of the Andes.

  • SIZE:  60 cm. - 24 inches  around 
  • MATERIAL: Alpaca and llama wool decorated with beads 
  • CULTURE:  Quechua
  • ORIGEN: Cusco- Perú
  • COLORS: Multicolor

*Important Note – All Wool blend items should be treated with care, and be hand-washed or dry-cleaned and air dried, so for longer duration using your sacred product.

Do NOT use machine wash or machine dryer. 

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